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Gorgeous women, stripped naked, tied up in bondage, and kept prisoner. The bound captives are then beaten, tortured, and used for sex. Both men and women, real sadists and perverts, use these women prisoners in bondage as their personal sex toys and torture toys.

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Women Slaves At DeSade Hall

Real stories of women captives in bondage used as sex slaves and torture toys.

The FACTS told by the women themselves!

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Before we start, let me make a few things quite clear:
  1. These are all true stories.
  2. Although it may sometimes appear otherwise, all the women in these stories are there because they want to be there. They are all women who are into bondage. Often they will not know exactly what is going to be done to them, they simply know they will be tied up in bondage, and (in most cases) be fucked and (in some cases) be tortured.
  3. Although the facts in each story are true, the women and men involved are often acting out a bondage fantasy. I will report what they are fantasising about as "facts". All but the most stupid of you should be able to work out which is which!
  4. The one thing I will change in the stories is the names of the people involved. Where a name is mentioned it is an alias to protect the person's identity.
  5. The artists who draw the bondage pictures have never met the people involved. They are given a rough physical description of the person, but have never seen their faces. If you think you recognise someone from a drawing, you are wrong.
  6. Although all the events described herein are true, and actually happened, this does not mean they are safe. You should NOT copy anything you read about, it is dangerous to do so, and may result in injury or death.
  7. You must be over eighteen years old to continue reading this site.
OK, important stuff over, now onto the fun stuff.

As I said above, these are all true stories. They were told to me by the women involved. Sometimes they will contain a slight fantasy element, where the participants are imagining a scenario slightly different from what actually happened (e.g. a man and a woman in the man's cellar may be imagining that the woman is the man's kidnap victim, or that the cellar is the torture dungeon in a medieval castle). However the descriptions of the bondage, sex, and torture are things that really happen. Eg: The man and the woman may be imagining that he has kidnapped her, tied her up naked in his cellar, and is fucking her in bondage, whereas the reality will be that she agreed to be "kidnapped" and tied up in his cellar, but she is still really tied up naked in his cellar and he really is fucking her in bondage. Or they may be imagining that she is a virgin who refused the advances of the king, and he is the king's torturer whose job it is to punish her for this "crime" with torture, whereas the reality may (again) be that she is tied up in his cellar in naked bondage, but he is also really whipping her, torturing her tits with pliers, and her pussy lips with pins. Although the odds are that she is not really a virgin!

This site is effectively a blog, new bondage stories and bondage drawings will be added as and when I can find the time, and afford to pay the artists. (The money to pay the artists comes from the commission I get from the sales of products advertised on the site, so the more you spend the quicker the updates - also, tell your friends about this site, because the more they spend, the quicker the updates - and if you have a blog or website, why not give this site a link, that will make the updated even more frequent still!)

I guess you have enough of an idea as to what this site is about now, so on with the bondage stories and bondage drawings. Please note that the bondage pictures on this page are much reduced in size, and often reduced in colour depth too. Clicking on the picture (or the link at the end of the post) will take you to the page with the full sized picture at full quality (and the full version of the text too).

Blindfolded Gang Bang In Bondage
[18 November 2014 13:37 GMT]

Tina has been tied naked to the bed, she is gagged and blindfolded, and next she is going to suffer the public humiliation of a gang bang in bondage.

Some men like the idea of fucking captive women prisoners in bondage. Some men like the idea of gang bangs in bondage. And some men are turned on by the public humiliation of women in bondage.

All these types of men are welcome at Tina's house. Because Tina's husband has gagged and blindfolded her and tied her naked to the bed. And now he wants strangers to fuck her helpless naked body.

Tina will suffer the public humiliation of being used for an entire night in a bondage gang bang!

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

Teenage Girls Auctioned For Sex
[28 September 2014 15:47 GMT]

Shauna and Kristyn are to suffer the public humiliation of being auctioned in bondage as teen sex slaves.

The two teenage girls are tied up in bondage. But it is very loose bondage, they can walk (small steps) and although their hands are tied together, it is by a very long wire.

The teenage girls are also wearing leads and collars, and using the leads they are dragged into the auction hall and put on display in bondage for the bidders to see. They are wearing short skirts and brief tops, showing the bidders plenty of flesh, so that they know what they are bidding on. The word "slave" is written on both of the captive girls tops, because they are both teen sex slaves. Shauna and Kristyn then have to suffer the public humiliation in bondage of being checked over by the bidders.

To help them decide how much to bid, the bidders want to see more naked teen flesh. So the teenage girls (still helpless in bondage) are forced to lift their tops and lower their skirts so that the bidders can see their naked teen tits and pussies.

Finally the teenage girls suffer the public humiliation of being bid on. The auction winners getting to fuck these two teenage sex slaves in bondage.

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

Fucking, Blowjobs And Hand Jobs In Bondage
[02 September 2014 09:38 GMT]

Bondage and public humiliation for Nancy as she is again sold as a sex slave.

Nancy is tied up kneeling on a narrow stool. Her wrists are tied cock height, so that she can be forced to give hand jobs in bondage. And her wrists are wide enough apart that she can also be forced to give blow jobs in bondage at the same time.

Her ass is also nicely positioned so that she can be fucked up the cunt or in her asshole as well.

So poor sex slave Nancy has to spend the evening suffering sexual public humiliation in bondage as four men use her body at once.

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

Fucked During Tit Torture
[05 July 2014 18:59 GMT]

With the torture dungeon being redecorated (!!!) they have no choice but to torture and fuck their captive women prisoners in the back reception room on a broken old sofa!

The women captives are led into their makeshift torture dungeon, forced to strip naked and tied to the broken old sofa. Then they are tortured in bondage by the women.

Their victim is whipped and suffers tit torture. After hours of torture in bondage the bound woman captive is handed over to the men to be gang fucked in bondage. this lasts for hours.

Eventually the women get bored, and begin torturing her again. So she is gang fucked and tit tortured in bondage all through the night!

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

Pissed On In Public Bondage
[14 June 2014 11:33 GMT]

Nancy suffers public humiliation as she is forced to strip naked outdoors at a party, with all the party guests watching. And also, probably, some of the neighbours, spying on her public humiliation through their curtains.

She then suffers public bondage as she is tied up in the garden. Her outdoor bondage involves being tied to a post kneeling naked on the lawn.

And this outdoor bondage is only a prelude to even more public humiliation for Nancy. She is going to be used as a human toilet.

Nancy has to spend the entire evening suffering the public humiliation of being pissed on. Naked and kneeling in outdoor bondage she has no choice but to be their "human toilet".

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

Tortured And Forced To Suck Cocks
[18 June 2014 08:34 GMT]

A group of horny and sadistic couples have Ellen tied up naked in bondage. These perverted couples have an arrangement, an agreement with each other over what they can do to their captive women in bondage.

First the wives/girlfriends get to torture the naked prisoners in bondage, really hurting them, really making them suffer.

Then the husbands/boyfriends get to fuck the helpless bound captives while the women watch.

But today there is an added attraction. Today, while helpless and naked in bondage, Ellen will also be forced to give the men blowjobs.

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

Two Teenage Fuck Toys
[14 June 2014 10:14 GMT]

Two teenage girls in bondage are bound collared and tied together. A lead has been attached to the front girl and they will be taken into the next room to be given to a group of older men as fuck toys - to use as they like.

They will be led into the room, naked in bondage, then the men get to fuck the teenage girls in every hole, and do whatever they like to them. They are teen sex slaves to be used however the men want, teenage fuck toys,

Click Here to see the full sized (and full quality) picture and the full story.

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